All of the coaches at Nepean Corona are Nationally Certified. In our pursuit of excellence, we provide ongoing education through professional developmental sessions for our coaches.  We are dedicated and passionate about providing a creative, high energy, technically sound and SAFE class to all of our members. We take responsibility to ensure that every child develops good physical skills through a fun experience. We strive to create a family oriented school, where our members will develop a lifetime of memories

Agnes Laing - Executive Director

 Agnes Laing – Executive Director

As founder and Executive Director Agnes brings a wealth of experience both from a business and pedagogical approach. A former gymnast and dancer, she turned to coaching while still a student. Upon graduation from McGill University with a degree in Physical Education she began her coaching career as Women’s Intercollegiate coach at the University of Ottawa. Since founding the club in 1972, Agnes has been directly involved in  producing many of the club’s provincial and national champions. She is an NCCP level 3 coach and a former level 2 NCCP course conductor. She now splits her duties between coaching and the administration of the school.  [email protected]

Penny Fyfe - Assistant Executive Director

 Penny Fyfe – Assistant Executive Director

Once one of the club’s first students and former provincial level gymnasts, Penny has evolved to become the club’s Assistant Executive Director. A graduate of the University of Ottawa Phys. Ed.honors program, Penny has been coaching competitive at Corona for 25 years. She holds her NCCP level 3 and is a Level 1 NCCP course coordinator and judge. After many years in the gym, Penny now focuses most of her energy in the administration of the competitive, recreation, and summer programs. [email protected]

Gilma Valiente - Executive Secretary

Gilma Valiente – Executive Secretary

Gilma has been in Canada since 1993 and isoriginally from El Salvador. She has been at Corona since 2003 and formerly worked for Menariny Diagnostics as an assistant director. She enjoys working at Corona and looks forward to helping all the students and parents who attend Corona. [email protected]

Tammy Cromwell -Senior Director / Invitational Coach

Tammy comes to us with a wealth of knowledge specializing in gymnastics administration, Pre-school Coaching and Movement Education. Tammy began her coaching career in 1987 in Lahr, Germany. She then moved back to Canada and continued coaching in Kingston, Ontario and before moving to Alberta and coaching in Calgary and St. Albert. Prior to joining our club, Tammy spent five years in St. Albert as the Executive Director of the Dynamyx Gymnastics Club. Tammy’s certifications are Level 2 gymnastics coach, Level 2 Tramp, Level 3 Theory,and Preschool Coaching. [email protected]

Lee Ann Simon-Women's Head Coach

Lee Ann Simon-Women’s Head Coach

Lee Ann is the Head Coach of Corona’s Women’s Competitive program. Lee Ann is Level 3 Certified and has been coaching gymnastics for over 15 years. Formerly from Oshawa as a competitive gymnast and then coach, Lee Ann attended Brock University graduating in Physical Education and she is also a Certified Teacher. In addition to her coaching experience, Lee Ann’s brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding of child pedagogy. We look forward to Lee Ann’s contribution and continued success this year in the competitive program.  [email protected]

Saif Yaacoubi - Men's Head Coach

Saif Yaacoubi – Men’s Head Coach

A former National team member in Morocco,Saif has been with us since his arrival in Canada in 1990. Saif hold a Physical Education degree from his native country and is a NCCP level 4 coach. Saif runs our Men’s competitive program and remains active in our preschool, recreational, adult, and summer programs. [email protected]

Emma Senior-Developmental Coach-Program Assistant

Emma Senior-Developmental Director/Coach-Recreational Program Assistant

Emma started her gymnastics career in Kingston. A former Provincial level gymnast, then coach, Emma is a certified Level 2 coach with over 10 years of experience.   Emma is part of our senior management team and is involved in the administration of our recreational programs.  This year she is coaching the competitive, ‘Team’ program and the Developmental Program.  Emma is a welcome addition to the full time staff at Corona.  She is knowledgeable, caring and brings great energy to the gym. [email protected]


The competitive coaching staff has been chosen to work in this program because of their technical expertise, education, work experience and sound understanding of childrens’ psychological and physical development. Their positive teaching methodologies help ensure success at each level of the gymnasts development.

Anna-D3Anna Dovzhuk-Competitive Women’s Coach Originally from Ukraine, Anna has been with us since 2011. She holds a Masters in Physical Culture from the National University of Ukraine. Anna has coached athletes on the National Ukrainian Junior Team and currently is working with Corona’s Provincial and National girls.  Anna is certified NCCP Level 3 and has been coaching for 13 years.

Dean-BridgewaterDean Bridgewater: Men’s Competitive Coach

Dean started his coaching career in Alberta at Sherwood Park Salto Club, 37 years ago.  He has been Head Coach at many clubs throughout his travel working with all levels of competitive from pre-comp to National.  He has a Masters in Physical Education and is a recently retired from his full time career as a High School principal.   During this time he has never stopped coaching and remains a current force at our gym.  A former course conductor, Dean is a Certified Level 3 NCCP coach and will be working along Saif in the boy’s Competitive program.  We are glad he is with us!”

Leanne-HiltzLeanne Hiltz: Team Coach

Leanne started gymnastics in 2003 at Corona and joined the Invitational team and coaching staff a few years later.  Leanne graduated from Western University in 2013 with an honours specialization in clinical biochemistry, then competed a Bachelor of Education at Toronto University.  Currently she is completing a Master of Mathematics through University of Waterloo.  During university years Leanne was actively involved in coaching, dance, cheerleading and her own gymnastics still competing at the Master level.  Leanne is a certified Level 2 coach and is working with our Provincial Team program.  She is also a Provincial level judge.  Leanne is an asset to our team!

Justine-OuelletJustine Ouellet: Team Coach

Justine is a former Provincial level competitive gymnast at Corona.  She has been coaching at Corona for  4 years, and exclusively in the Developmental Program for 2 years. This season, Justine began coaching in the Team program. Justine is a Nationally Certified Level 2 coach and is currently attending  Ottawa University.  Justine is a dedicated, competent coach and is looking forward to continued growth and development in the program.


Andrew Kwok: Team Coach

Andrew Kwok is a former competitive gymnast from Corona!  He began coaching when at Carleton University studying Aerospace Engineering.  Andrew’s love of the sport took him to London, Ontario where he coached competitive for World Class Gymnastic Academy and London Gymnastic Academy for 6 years.  Recently married and now back in Ottawa, Andrew is coaching in Corona’s Team program and boys developmental.  He is a certified NCCP Level 3 Women’s, Level 2 Men’s and Level 2 Trampoline coach.  Also a former Gold Champion at the World Championships for Team Canada Cheerleading 2009-10 team.  We welcome Andrew to Corona’s coaching team.


sashaSasha Sorokatty: Team Coach and Pre-Invitational

Sasha is from Russia and graduated from the Institute of Physical Culture and Sport in Moscow.  He has coached many gymnasts at the National and International level in Kazakhstan and Canada and early on in his career he worked with the Soviet Union Olympic Team.  Sasha is now a Canadian citizen and is a fully certified NCCP Level 4 coach.  He is working with Corona’s Competitive gymnasts and Pre-Inviational groups.  Sasha brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our coaching team.



Jenny 2Jenny Durrant:  Invitational Coach

Jenny has been coaching for over 25 years.  A former provincial level gymnast and competitive dancer, her coaching career began in Owen Sound and then in Victoria B.C. where she coached and studied, receiving  a Bachelor of Fine Arts from University of Victoria.  Jenny is a certified NCCP Level 3 coach in gymnastics and Level 2 in Trampoline.  She is former head coach of the Excel program in Asheville, North Carolina, involved  in various special needs programs and was a judge.  At Corona Jenny works in our Invitational, Developmental and Recreational programs.

nadyaNadya Sorokataya: Team Coach and Developmental

Nadya is a graduate from the University of Kazakhstan in Physical Culture and Sport.  She has team coached with husband Sasha, having many gymnasts compete at the National and International level in Canada and Kazakhstan.  She is currently coaching Corona’s Team gymnasts and also coaches in the Developmental program.  Nadya is a certified NCCP level 3 coach and formerly a Brevet (National level) judge.  We are pleased to have Nadya part of our coaching team.

Katie-McDonaldKatie McDonald:  Invitational Coach

Katie is a long standing member at Corona.  Formerly an Invitational Competitive gymnast for 10 years with us, Katie started coaching 8 years ago in Corona’s pre-school and recreational programs.  Since 2010 she has been coaching in our Invitational Competitive program and is a certified Level 2 coach.  Katie is a graduate from Carleton University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.   Katie is a knowledgeable, positive  coach who brings a great energy to the gym.

imag021 (1)Lindsay Shoobert:  Invitational Coach
Lindsay started at Nepean Corona school of Gymnastics when she was 8 years old. After 2 years in the recreational program she competed in the provincial stream for 4 years. When she stopped competing she started to coach at the gym and has continued ever since. Lindsay graduated from Carleton university in 2014 from the Sprott School of Business with a Management Degree.  She is now an invitational coach 3 days a week and plans to continue to be at the gym a few nights a week for as long as she can. Lindsay is Level 2 certified in women’s artistic and Level 1 in trampoline.

nickiNicki Parker: Pre-Invitational and Recreation Coach

Nicki is a long-time member of Corona.  First as gymnast, retired from Invitational at age 18 and has been coaching with us for over 9 years.  Nicki has recently graduated from Carleton University with a Bachelors of Arts, Honours in Psychology. Nicki is Level 2 certified and is working full time this year at Corona as a Program Director in our Recreational program and coach of the pre-Invitational program.  We look forward to a successful year ahead.

barbBarbara Hummel: Developmental Coach

Barbara is a former provincial gymnast, trampolinist and then coach for Markham Gymnastics Club. She has degrees in Kinesiology and Health Sciences from York University, and Nursing from Ryerson.  Barbara is a Nationally Certified Level 2 coach in gymnastics, Level 1 in trampoline, and Level 1-5 Women’s Judge.  She has coached at various clubs including Pickering Aerials, Steels West, and managed Ryerson’s Trampoline Club. Barb is currently working in Corona’s Developmental Program.

anna MarieAnna Marie Miller: Invitational Coach

Anna Marie started gymnastics at age 3!  She was a long standing provincial competitive gymnast at LGC Saulto’s near Windsor.  Anna Marie has been coaching at Corona since 2005 primarily in our Invitational competitive program.  She is a certified Level 2 coach and a new Judge in the province.  Anna Maire attended the University of Ottawa and holds a Bachelor of Arts in History and Religion and works full time in the Government.  Anna Marie has a passion for gymnastics and brings her love of the sport to the gym!

ellenEllen McKibbon: Invitational Coach

Ellen is a former Provincial level gymnast at Corona and has been coaching with us for 11 years.  Ellen has worked with all ages and levels during those years and has joined the Invitational Team of Competitive coaches this year.  She is a dedicated and excellent coach and a welcome addition to this program.  Ellen recently graduated with as Honours degree in Sociology and Bachelor of Education program from the University of Ottawa.  Ellen is also a certified teacher.

vanessaVanessa Mattucci: Invitational Coach

Vanessa has grown up at Corona!  Starting at age 6 she was soon selected for the Development program and later competed at the Provincial level for 8 over years.  Vanessa has been coaching with us for 6 years and is currently working in the Invitational competitive program.  She is in 4th year at Carleton University in Business and is not sure what her plans are for next year but know she will be coaching!  Vanessa is a certified Level 2 NCCP coach.

Recreational Coaches

Abigail Stewart

Alexandra Dunlop

Alyssa Dinelle

Analisa Mariani

Anna Meech

Annie Premachuk

Ashlyn Baker

Ayman Yaaquobi

Bill Chong

Carina Capparelli

Catherine Giroux

Cathy Wang

Christina Grail

Courtney Hill

Cris D’Alessio

Diana Dominguez

    Dianna Mcallister

Gaby Pancu

Gillian Phillips

Jamie LeFort

Jennifer Vo

Josee Pilon

Kathryn Jee

Katie Lipman

Kiana Gibson

Kim Morrison

Laura Lui

Lisa Archibald

Luisa Colsante

Maddi Chartrand

Madeline Moore

Manisha Blaskevitch

Marianna Sartzetakis

Paola Sosa

Rebecca Martin

Sarah Mackay

Nicki Parker

Taylor O’Brien

Wanying Zhang