Gymnasts in our Recreational Programs will develop body awareness, strength, flexibility and coordination on the various gymnastics apparatus through the club’s philosophy of FUN, FITNESS and FUNDAMENTALS.

Fall Session 2017 Dates, Holidays & Makeups

September 10-December 2, 2017

 No class-Monday, October 9 (Thanksgiving) Makeup class-Sunday, October 22

No Class-Tuesday, October 31 (Hallowe’en)-Makeup class-Sunday, November 5th

Winter Session 2017 Dates, Holidays & Makeup Classes

December 3, 2017-March 10, 2018

No classes December 24, 2017-January 6,  2018 No class-Monday, February 19, 2018 (Family Day) Makeup class-Sunday, February 25th, 2018

Online registration for the Winter Session is now closed. 
For class availability and registration for this session, please call our office at 613-224-6524


Spring Session 2018 Dates, Holidays & Makeup Classes

March 18-June 11, 2018
No class Friday, March 30, 2018 (Good Friday) Makeup class-Sunday, April 15, 2018.  No class Sunday, April 1 (Easter) Makeup class-Sunday, June 10 No class Monday, May 21 (Victoria Day) Makeup class-Monday, June 11

There will be no classes April 12-15
(with the exception of daytime classes on Thursday)
due to competition hosted at Corona.


Summer Session 2017

July 3-August 28, 2017

Monday Last class & Parents Day-August 28 (no class on Monday, August 7)
Tuesday Last class & Parents Day-August 22
Wednesday Last class & Parents Day-August 23

DYNAMOS (Girls) and SPARTAN(Boys) - Ages 5 and 6


Our energetic Dynamos and Spartans, beginners, follow a two stage program that Corona has designed to balance fun and fundamentals and which corresponds with the first two badges of the CanGym program. Each child works towards earning stickers that can be added to a colourful Corona certificate over each session of gymnastics.



Novice 1 (Girls and Boys) - Ages 7 and Up

Gymnasts in the Novice 1 Burgundy/Red are working on badges 1-Burgundy and 2-Red of the Canadian Gymnastics Federation (CanGym)badge incentive program. Classes are 1.5 hours.

Novice 2 (Girls and Boys) - Ages 7 and up

Gymnasts in the Novice 2 are working are badges 3-Tan & 4-Bronze, of the Canadian Gymnastics Federation (CanGym) badge incentive program. Classes are 1.5 hours.


Novice 1 and 2 (Girls and Boys) - Ages 9 and Up

Gymnasts in the Novice 1 and 2-9 and Up, are working are badges 1-Burgundy, 2-Red, 3-Tan and 4-Bronze, of the Canadian Gymnastics Federation (CanGym) badge incentive program. Classes are 1.5 hours.


Pre-Intermediate (Girls)- Ages 9 and Up

New class for Gymnasts 9 and older who are working on their Bronze badge and are ready for some of the Intermediate skills. This class is for Gymnasts who have completed badges levels 1-3 (Burgundy, Red, Tan) of the Canadian Gymnastics Federation (CanGym) badge incentive program. Class  is 2 hours


INTERMEDIATE (Girls and Boys) Intermediate Purple/Blue - Ages 7 and Up

Gymnasts in the Intermediate Level are working on badge levels 5 & 6-Purple/Blue of the Canadian Gymnastics Federation(CanGym) incentive program. Newcomers to the school should have two years gymnastics experience. Classes are two hours in length.


ADVANCED (Girls and Boys) - Ages 9 and Up

Advanced-Turquoise and up Gymnasts, boys and girls, in the Advanced work on badge levels 7-12 (turquoise, silver, orange, yellow, green and gold ) of the CanGym Incentive Program. Classes are two hours long, twice a week. New members must be tested. Although once a week classes are available, twice a week is strongly encouraged.


TRAMPOLINE - Ages 5 and up

Gymnasts, boys and girls are introduced to trampoline, double-mini trampoline and mini-trampoline. Students in this program will follow the CanJump trampoline program. Not offered in the Summer

ACRO for Dancers and Cheerleaders - Ages 8 and Up

This class is designed for boys and girls who are interested in learning acro and dance skills to add their dance and cheer routines.


Looking to learn, improve specific skills or to just stay fit? Call us to book a class at your convenience with your favourite coach or we can recommend one for your needs. Length: 4 1-hour classes.



Corona offers instruction for small group, individual programs as well as integration into regular programming (with assistance) for children with special physical, behavioral and mental needs. Our staff will guide and encourage your child, introducing them to the various gymnastic apparatus suitable to their needs. Please call for further information 613-224-6524.

Registration Fee

All members must pay an annual insurance and administration fee(Ontario Gymnastics Federation Fee) of $35.00, valid from July 1, 2017-June 30, 2018.  The Ontario Gymnastics Federation Fee is non-refundable.