“In pursuit of excellence,

“In pursuit of excellence, where every child succeeds.”

Nepean Corona presents the Corona’s Jester’s Cup Invitational & Level 3-5 Qualifier, April 1-2, 2017
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The Competitive Program is designed to develop athletes to be able to compete at Regional, Provincial, and National competitions. These programs are for athletes who are both physically and psychologically suited for the sport of competitive gymnastics. All athletes must be tested by our well-trained and experienced coaching staff.

All of our competitive coaches are nationally certified with many years of coaching experience. Their commitment to the gymnasts is to develop physically well trained athletes with an emphasis on both emotional and psychological well being.

We have three programs for competitive gymnastics:

Invitational Competitive Gymnastics (formerly known as Interclub)

Corona Competitive Girls Gymnastics

National Capital Boys Competitive Gymnastic Academy

Our Philosophy

We believe that the pursuit of personal excellence is the most important approach in an athletic endeavor. This philosophy is expanded in each program where the individual member is provided an opportunity to develop the courage to explore his/her own potential. Not all children are suited for COMPETITIVE gymnastics because it is so physically and mentally demanding. From the very first day that an athlete enters the School with the hope of becoming a competitive gymnast, every attempt is made to be realistic about their status. Gymnastics is constantly placing different and ever-increasing demands on the individual. Therefore, it is essential that an athlete perform within their physiological and psychological limits. The program has nine distinct levels that are straightforward and realistic. Each level has specific commitment and physical requirements that are clearly outlined. Success at one level does not guarantee advancement to the next, as age, body awareness,strength, flexibility, and personality are all important factors that have to be considered on an ongoing basis. There is however, equal opportunity for excellence and fulfillment for those that are able and willing to attain or improve the standards in their respective levels.

Governing Rules

The “Technical Rules and Regulations” of this program are set by Gymnastic Ontario. This governing body provides to all the competitive gymnastics clubs the rules pertaining to skill evaluation, mobility of athletes from one level to the next, age requirements, composition of routines, evaluation of routines, dates and locations of all competitions. Each province in Canada has determined their own specific guidelines based on the needs of that Province. “Gymnastics Canada Gymnastiques” (G.C.G) is the National Federation, and their mandate is to oversee the development of both elite athletes and their coaches.

What are the Levels of Competition for Girls?

High Performance: For athletes who aspire to compete at the world and Olympic level.

National level: For the elite athlete who competes at National and International meets. This represents a small percentage of competitive gymnasts.

Level 8-9: Highly talented gymnasts developing towards the International standard.
Level 6-7: Represents the majority of competitive gymnasts.
Level 5: Entry level into Provincial competition.
Level 2-5: Invitational gymnasts.

Developmental:  The Developmental program is specifically designed for the younger gymnast, ages 5-8 who exhibit a flair, the desire, and the physical potential to train at a more challenging level.  The goal of this program is to provide the opportunity for each gymnast to develop the essential basics to enhance skill learning.  It is from this program that the children may be selected to train at the competitive level. Developmental 1 trains 2x a week and Developmental 2 trains 3x a week. Gymnasts must be tested for these full year programs.

What are the Levels of Competition for Boys?

High Performance: Senior 18 years old and over
Junior 16 to 18 years old
Tyro 13 to 15 years old
Argo 10 to 13 years old

National level: National Youth under 15
National Open 16 years and over

Provincial Program: Consists of five categories of competition, ages 8 and up

Levels 1 – 5: Levels 1 and 2 follow a compulsory exercise program
Levels 3, 4 and 5 follow an optional exercise program.

Pre-Competitive: This group, 6-8 years of age, is training in preparation for competition and when ready will attend invitational competitions.